You want your Audi looking as perfect as the day you bought it, for as long as humanely possible. That’s fair. It isn’t long before your noble desire to keep your vehicle showroom shiny comes up against the harsh reality of road conditions in Alberta, however. There’s plenty of gravel, road salt, sand and other crud to contend with year round in this part of the world and, unfortunately, your car will inevitably take it on the chin once in a while. Never fear though! With Audi’s after-care program and parts specials, there’s always opportunity to keep your Audi vehicle looking as sharp as the moment you first laid eyes on it. This post explores the benefits and convenience of the Audi Care plan and maintenance milestone scheduling.

Audi Care

Audi After Care offers peace of mind to consumers at an affordable price. Audi Care features a scheduled maintenance plan personalized to you and your Audi, to help ensure that it keeps running its very best. With an option to purchase prepaid maintenance upfront, Audi Care offers appreciable savings to customers verses purchasing these services separately. Prepaid Audi Care offers:

  • scheduled maintenance every 15,000 km, from 30,000 through 75,000km, at precise factory-recommended intervals
  • complete convenience that includes a regular reminder when it’s time to schedule your next service appointment
  • a fixed-cost plan that remains unchanged even if parts and labour rates increase between services; Audi Care guarantees the prepaid cost.

Your authorized Audi Dealer provides single-stop simplicity for all maintenance and repair needs, instilling the confidence in our customers that no one knows or cares for your Audi better!

Scheduled maintenance milestones

Purchasing Audi Care is simple. Choosing the option of prepaid scheduled maintenance milestones is easy and the cost of the program can be rolled in to your payment at the time of your Audi purchase or lease. Enjoy peace-of-mind from the get go and ensure the long-term protection of your vehicle even before you take it home!

Audi Care delivers extensive technical training, leading-edge diagnostic testing and use of Audi Genuine Parts to help ensure that your Audi remains pristine, and in as close to its original condition as possible. Expect excellence; this premiere service means that you’ll receive the most from your ownership experience, knowing that it’s in the caring hands of experts that live and breath Audi.

Audi Care plan details

  • Audi Care can be purchased at the time of initial or lease OR within a year (or 20,000 km) from the vehicle’s original service date
  • Scheduled maintenance services covered under Audi Care must be completed within five years of the original in-service date of the vehicle
  • All scheduled maintenance covered by an Audi Care plan must be completed by an authorized Audi Dealer
  • Audi Care plans are only valid in the country in which they are purchased
  • Audi Care plans may not be cancelled and are non-refundable. No refunds will be given if your lease is terminated early, or if your lease term is less than the coverage period
  • An Audi Care plan may not be transferred to another vehicle; coverage stays with the vehicle for the life of the plan

Audi Care: an easy choice

It’s clear that Audi Care is the best way for Audi owners to gain of peace-of-mind when it comes to the maintenance of their vehicle. And hey, these are beautiful machines; we don’t blame owners for wanting to keep them in as close to their original condition as possible. We also recognize that, on Alberta roads, a lot can happen to your car. With Audi Care, motorists know that no ding, scratch or dent is forever and that everything under the hood is guaranteed to receive the utmost care and attention at the hands of true Audi experts. Visit Southgate Audi or contact our team to get the full scoop on the industry’s most convenient and comprehensive long-term maintenance plans.

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