VIP Test Drive

VIP Test Drive

Test driving an Audi is indeed an amazing experience, especially in high gear on the highway… And because we're all about the VIP experience here at Southate Audi, even something as straightforward as a test drive is truly VIP. It's also an absolute blast. Here's what a VIP test-drive experience is like with us at Southgate Audi:

You Don't Actually Have to Come in for the Test Drive…

Yes, we bring the vehicle you're interested in right to you. The Southgate Audi Sales team will bring the vehicle right to your home or office for your convenience. You don't have to set aside a good part of the day to come in for a visit; just set aside some time for a drive. We'd be delighted to take that test drive with you during your work lunch break, for example.

Regardless of what your schedule is like, we're able to accommodate it. Penciling us in won't be a problem!

Comfortable and Hassle-Free

Southgate Audi wouldn't be a true luxury dealership if our customers were walking into a high-pressure Sales environment. And our VIP Test Drive experience is further proof of our commitment to customer comfort. We recognize that many of our customers are more comfortable in their home or office instead of in a dealership, so we're happy to come to you instead.

And, after the test drive, should you decide you like the vehicle and that you'd like to begin the purchasing process, we can begin that with you on the spot and bring you into the office later to finalize everything. You can also begin the process by getting pre-approved for credit through us.

There's also a lot to be said for a simple, one-on-one sales experience with a Salesperson. It makes for a more personal experience, we're sure you'll find.

Booking an Appointment is Easy Too

To inquire more about taking that test drive with us, we welcome you to reach out to us at Southgate Audi. You can either contact us directly to learn more, or book a test drive online with us to get us to bring a truly VIP test-driving experience right to you.

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