Almost every Audi vehicle is equipped with the best LED technology in their headlight system. Introduced in 2008 with the Audi R8, the company’s LED headlights excelled against the competition. Even today, the 4-ringed brand is still one of the leading automotive companies in this area of technology.

So why is this technology so important in Audi vehicles? There are actually various reasons why! We at Southgate Audi Edmonton compiled a list of important and informative bits about the company’s LED technology.We hope this impacts the way you think about your Audi vehicle.

Safety & Comfort

Using LED headlights for a vehicle has vast advantages on the road. Mainly that it makes your drive much more safer, no matter what time of the day. The color temperature for LEDs are around 5,500 Kelvin, resembling daylight and hardly causes any eye fatigue. This is especially good when you have to make long drives out of town at night and need reassurance that you won’t easily fall asleep on the wheel. LED headlights also offer longer visual range compared to regular xenon headlights. This helps the most when you’re driving through fog, precipitation, or any other weather condition that complicates your vision on the road.


Audi’s LED headlights are also maintenance free and designed to last the life of the car. This is because it doesn’t use gas discharge technology found in standard xenon headlights, which are more prone to defecting. In addition, LED headlights are also more energy efficient and consume very low power. For example, the low beams only consume about 40 watts per unit. This amount is less than the already high-efficient xenon plus headlights and much less than conventional halogen headlights.

Industry-leading Design

One of the reasons Audi still leads the industry in LED technology is because of its innovative designs for both daytime and nighttime use. Each Audi model is equipped with a distinctive, unique look and strong accents to highlight its individuality. For example, the Audi A5 has 26 LEDs per headlight generating all lighting functions—14 of them work together to generate low and high beams in each headlight. Additionally, special illumination functions are available for intersections, country roads, expressways, and poor weather. LED headlights basically keep you prepared for any condition, no matter where or when you drive!

These are only a few characteristics that why Audi’s LED technology the best headlights to have while driving. Still not convinced? You can check out this video for more information. And if you still have questions about it after watching the video, you can always come visit us at our showroom or give us a call at anytime. We at Southgate Audi Edmonton hope you found this very informative. We hope you’ll consider driving with LED headlights when you’re on the road soon.

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