Audi Genuine Winter Wheel & Tire Packages

The advantages only Audi Genuine Winter Wheels can offer. 
When you chose your Audi, you chose a vehicle built with uncompromising quality and workmanship. Your winter wheels decision shouldn't be any different. See how Audi Genuine Winter Wheels are the right choice for your vehicle. 
Exemplary durability. 
From excellent material and casting quality to four layers of paint and a special hardening process, Audi Genuine Winter Wheels are an investment that will prove to be even more rewarding down the road. 
Striking design. 
Audi's broad range of bold, eye-catching wheels gives you the freedom to select a design precisely in tune with your personal style.

The Audi Advantage

Fits like a glove. 
Audi Genuine Winter Wheels are developed in parallel with Audi vehicles, which means they work in total harmony with the models they are built for.
Rigorous quality testing. 
Audi carries out numerous evaluation tests and inspections to ensure all their Audi Genuine Winter Wheels meet the most stringent quality standards. These tests include: 
  • Rolling test 
  • Radial impact test 
  • Ridge test 
  • Material characteristics test 
  • CASS test 
  • Climate condensation test 
  • X-ray and computer tomography tests 

Why Winter Tires?

The performance you love. The confidence you need. 
Newer generations of winter tires are designed with a more flexible rubber compound that is less prone to stiffen in colder temperatures. Their tread is also designed to provide improved traction on wet, slushy, snowy, icy and dry cold surfaces.
A summary of tire types. 
Here is a simple rating system for tire types commonly used in Canada:
  • Winter tires: Best in winter, fair in spring and fall (but tread wear increases), poor in summer
  • Summer tires: Best for summer, fair in spring and fall, poor in winter
  • All-season tires: Fair in spring, summer and fall, less satisfactory in colder conditions

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